Abstract # 2390 Potential Practical Use of CBCT for Reducing Acute GU Complications during Image Guided IMRT for Prostate Cancer

Presenter: Roscoe Chan

About the Presenter:
Roscoe Chan, M.D., FRCPC is board certified in both the U.S. and Canadian Boards since 1997. He was an Assistant Professor in UTMB-Galveston for about 4 years and was the PI for RTOG and committee member for SWOG. He acted as the Chairman for the Thoracic Tumor Board and has published and presented his research findings in multiple sites including lung, esophagus, GI, CNS and GU cancers. He began his private practice since 2001 and was the Chairman for the Radiosurgery Board for the hospital. He remains active academically and continues to publish and present new findings in cancer treatments. He subsequently became certified in medical acupuncture and started integrating his special skill set to help his patients.


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